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D. Ian Smith

title: Baby Blue
playing time: 4:30
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title: Droids II
playing time: 3:59
192kbit .mp3

I once had trouble crossing the border, due to the fact that the guy I was with was desperate to sneak me into the country, so that we could record his album, and get him a deal. (Yep, I hate to say it, but Stephen has always been that good). I tried to explain to the customs people what we were doing, but, I know enough to know, that when a customs official says "Shut your mouth, I'm trying to be nice to you here" that you better shut your mouth.

I tried telling Stephen that we were gonna get hassled big time, but, he just wouldn't listen. He had his mind made up that it would be just like that scene in Star Wars: "You don't need to see his identification. These are not the droids you are looking for."

Dallas Cowboy and Colubrid

title: Janke (Take 2)_CSKY_JDUB_HBR edit


playing time: 4:07
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title: Janke (Take 3) (Bonus Track)_Infinite Cloud Remix


playing time: 4:28
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Dallas Cowboy featuring Infinite Cloud

title: Very Sexy Thing (Trippy)


playing time: 4:13
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D. Ian Smith Featuring Osea

title: Slivers Up Your Dink_J. Dub Wong_Infinite Cloud


playing time: 5:10
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For the story related to this song, check out "Music Teacher Blues".

The Hornet Drones

title: Judgment Blues (No. 3) (Live)_Infinite Cloud_HBR edit 2016
playing time: 6:35
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title: This Last Time Is The Last Time (Take 5)_Infinite Cloud Mix and Master
playing time: 3:07
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title: JC Superthrash
playing time: 11:03
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title: Bossy Cow - HBR edit 2016
playing time: 3:57
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title: The Bounty Hunter Assassin (Swackyderm Mix)
playing time: 6:30
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title: Cat Chasing The Bird
playing time: 5:08
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Perfect music for watching your favourite Saturday morning cartoons.

Beating Raoul

title: I'm Dying For You
playing time: 3:30
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title: In The Wrong Neighbourhood (Osea Mix)
playing time: 15:58
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title: In The Wrong Neighbourhood (Bensonhurst Pt. I)
playing time: 11:41
160kbit .mp3
from the album "Bensonhurst"
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Lisa Menard - alto saxophone
Osea Darren Colati - guitar
D. Ian Smith - fret-less bass
Devon Fornelli - drums

R.I.P. Hawkins & Gormley

Howlin' Catfish

title: Never Change Your Mind
playing time: 4:35
192kbit .mp3
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written by Jon Treichel
Jon Treichel - guitars
Devon Fornelli - drums, congas
D. Ian Smith - lead vocals, fretless bass

Jon is a fabulous pop writer in my opinion. He is both a clever lyricist, and a writer of good melodies. He showed me this tune, and I suggested that we make it a Ska arrangement.

Pura Vida

title: Clearcut Issue
playing time: 4:05
192kbit .mp3

written by Shane Philip, additional chords by D. Ian Smith
Shane Philip - djembe
Marty Ylitalo - drums and didjeridoo
Jana Sasaki - percussion
D. Ian Smith - lead and background vocals, fretless bass

Shane was kind enough to allow me to sing this song, which used to really scare people, because they couldn't handle the subject matter. Are we all like sheep?